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Welcome to The Children’s Spot, “Where learning never ends!”

We have an Open Door Policy – You are welcome to visit with Debbie Nicholls, the Director/Owner, at any time; no need to make an appointment.  She is always on campus to help staff, children and parents.

We are blessed with Early Childhood Educators as teachers. They are well educated, professional, full of energy, and ready to spark your child’s imagination so learning will be Fun and Forever!

We are proud to be a 4 Star accredited preschool in the Texas Rising Star Program, serving the Mansfield, Texas area.

Check our Records at Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Our Mission: To provide children with a developmentally appropriate environment, in a loving, nurturing atmosphere; using child oriented activities that help to develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, independence and a healthy self-concept. The Children’s Spot believes in education with a research-based and challenging curriculum which includes Frog Street Press (Bilingual, Science, Literature), and hands-on learning with our Dig Curriculum. We implement S.T.E.M. (Science/Technology/Education/Math) in all of our activities.

Our center has private school appeal but not the price!

Our Method: 

A Christian, nurturing environment and a dedicated teaching staff are key elements for the success of your child. Our staff are educated in supervising young children and how to guide their behavior. We are a facility with the most outstanding teachers and it is shown in our actions, attitudes, dress and moral code. We want more for our children – education with math, science, literacy skills, social skills developed, and we want our children to be leaders – not followers. We expect our children to be at the head of the class!

What Makes Us Unique?  A dedicated, well trained teaching staff, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years.  We offer a state-of-the-art security system where we can secure our campus in less than 3 minutes.  Our 10,000 square foot facility includes an on-site swimming pool and places to picnic outside.  We are PROUD to offer a Mom’s Room for nursing!

We offer a SOLID ACADEMIC program with strong reading and math programs, ability to learn STEM skills, and a place to develop critical thinking and communication skills.  Be prepared…we get dirty while playing with worms, and our Messy Art Classes are crazy! We PLAY, EXPLORE, and LEARN!

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