Using math, science, language arts, music, art, dramatic play, nutrition, physical fitness, cooking classes and much more, we guarantee that your child will be happy, educated, safe, and most of all loved 

Curriculum – We use a blended Frog Street Press Curriculum for our Infants through Twos, and Dig Curriculum for our PK Classes.  We have incorporated S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into our study units.  Our age appropriate activities include character building, a literacy program,and language development, with other fun physical activities.

• American Sign Language for Infants thru Schooler

• Spanish classes Daily for Toddlers – all Pre-K classes!

• Cooking classes…Healthy and fun! Your child will love these delicious cooking Classes.

• Science classes…this is hands on where true learning begins.  We implement S.T.E.M. in all activities.

• Physical activities – Your child will enjoy outside activities to promote physical fitness. These include large and small motor skills and help us strive for healthy children.

• Summer Program – We have spectacular Summer Camps, water activities in our pool, and educational and fun field trips.

The Children’s Spot and staff are trained and have created safe, connected classrooms that meet the social, emotional and academic needs of ALL children with CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE by Becky Bailey.

CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE:  A way of organizing schools and classrooms around the concept of a School Family.  Each member of the family-both adult and child-learns the skills needed to successfully manage life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to others’ needs and getting along with others.  Implementing Conscious Discipline in the classroom has been proven to decrease problem behavior by 68% teaching time increases by 60%; state test scores increased by 67%; impulsiveness, hyperactivity and aggression decreases in 75% of the most challenging students; collegiality among staff increases up to 32%; and positive school climate increases by as much as 43%.