Current Activities


                                                             June – July – August



MONDAYS:  “All About Animals” will bring in animals to study, touch and explore; Cooking Class and Karate with Master Silken(WEAR ATHLETIC CLOTHING)
TUESDAYS:  Swim in our pool from 1-3pm with 2 lifeguards; Science Class with experiments, fun and exploration!  We also have Mud Fun and get real messy and enjoy Snow Cones on this great day!(WEAR SWIMSUITS, BRING CHANGE OF CLOTHES, TOWEL & SUNSCREEN)
WEDNESDAYS:  Leather Crafting with Tandy Leather – make wristband, coin purse, book mark, luggage tags, coasters, etc.;  Karate Class with Master Silken(WEAR ATHLETIC CLOTHING)
THURSDAYS:  Field Trippin’ Day!  We are off to Texas Discovery Gardens, Fort Worth Zoo, Dinosaur World, see how donuts are made at Crispy Crème, , bowling, putt-putt golf, Cabellas to see the animals & have lunch, Forest Park to ride the train and have a picnic, Dallas Zoo, and Cinemark movies!  (WEAR YELLOW FIELD TRIP SHIRT)
FRIDAYS:  Swim in our pool from 1-3pm with 2 lifeguards; Art Class; We also have Mud Fun on this day with Snowcones!(WEAR SWIMSUITS, BRING CHANGE OF CLOTHES, TOWEL & SUNSCREEN

Study Weeks for Nature School:

“Buggin Out” with insects, arachnids and myriapods
“Animals of Texas” with tortoises, walking sticks, tarantula, scorpion and frog.
“Birds of a Feather” include feather studies and dissecting of owl pellets.
“Earth’s Caretakers” with cockroaches, giant bullfrogs, leopard gecko, bearded dragon and GIANT earthworms.
“Circus Super Stars” include skyping with a REAL elephant and Ringmaster.
“Rain Forest” with White’s tree frog, snakes, cockroaches, millipedes and legless lizard.
“Designed for the Desert” will include Plated lizard, Savannah monitor, tortoise, scorpion, and tarantula.
“Fur, Feathers, & Fun” with tarantula, snakes, tortoise, Sudanese Plated lizard, and legless lizard.
“Water, Sand, Soil & Trees” with walking stick, bearded dragon, tree frogs, turtle, tomato worms, and Giant cockroaches.
“Reptiles” will include tortoise, monitor lizard, legless lizard and snakes!
“Animal Champions” with porcupine quills, snake shedding, feathers and exoskeletons.

SUMMER NATURE CAMP IS $180.00 PER WEEK, this includes all field trips and classes.  Registration will be $35.00 which pays for their Tandy Leather Crafting Kit for Wednesdays.  Children will need a yellow field trip shirt which is $10.00.  COME AND ENJOY A WONDERFUL FUN-FILLED SUMMER!

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1.  It invites children to learn science.  Children are natural explorers.  This will add literacy to the curriculum while building vocabulary and knowledge.  Children need to TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL, STUDY, AND HAVE FUN with exploration.

2.  OUTSIDE MEANS ADVENTURE, PHYSICAL HEALTH, SOCIAL INTERACTION AND COLLABORATION.  Conversations emerge through science and outside play.  Relationships will grow amongst children and teachers.  Have fun with problem solving, taking turns, learning self-control, following rules, and taking risks.

3.  LET’S CONNECT TO THE REAL WORLD…lose the computers, lap tops, and cell phones.  Children will develop more comprehensive knowledge about their world when they are given a chance to watch, observe, predict, and learn in the moment!

Words of Wisdom to ALL parents…

Lose your cell phone.  Turn off the television.  Make your children your priority in life.  Teaching moments for children are all of the time.  Cooking can include science and math.  Outside time with intentional learning activities creates joyful, engaging activities and also fond memories.  Make mud pies and forts.  These projects support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  Time spent outside can lead to better physical and mental health, improved sleep, and cognitive, social, and emotional gains for young children and for ADULTS!   Playing is Fun for all of us.